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Track Title: Patrick J. Adams plays 'You Said It!'

Artist: SiriusXM Entertainment

Suits star Patrick J. Adams visited EW Radio (SiriusXM 105) on Monday, and while he started The Editor’s Hour off right by singing along to Foreigner’s “I Want to Know What Love Is”—he has a lovely falsetto—his performance during our “You Said It!” game is what you really need to hear. How it works: We read lines from some of his previous TV credits, and he tries to identify the show and provide an interesting anecdote about shooting the role.

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Anonymous asked: "Mike/Harvey, first night in their new home"


Sorry this is a little late, been working through other things floating around my inbox - super cute though, thankyou, anon!

This may be a precursory to a fic I’m kinda sorta writing, but not sure yet. 

On their first night in the brownstone, they slept on a mattress in the spare room, the bed in pieces in the next room. Harvey dug out all the blankets and pillows and they collapsed into the next, tangled together. 

It had been a long day of supervision and invasion of privacy, but now it was done and the doors were locked. The lines of tension had finally smoothed out of Harvey’s shoulders and now it was just exhaustion. Mike settled closer to Harvey, as Harvey raised an arm to invite him closer. He pillowed his head on Harvey’s shoulder, settling half across him with a sigh. 

Harvey curled an arms round his shoulders and pressed a sleepy kiss to the top of his head. Mike curled his fingers into Harvey’s t-shirt and stifled a yawn. 

They’d decided, a long time ago, that they didn’t want the formality of a marriage. Rather than signing in a registry office, they signed at the realtors’. 

The brownstone was out of the heart of Manhattan, but within easy reach. There was a garden and a not-quite-picket-but-wrought-iron fence, a kitchen that lead out to a deck and in to an actual lounge. They three floors and separate studies, and, frankly, it was more space than either of them had had before. 

"This place is so big." Mike muttered, hooking a leg over one of Harvey’s and nestling closer. Harvey hummed in agreement. 

"Maybe a dog isn’t such a bad idea after all." Harvey stroked a hand along Mike’s arm, and Mike tilted his head back to look up at him. 

"Remind me to hold you to that." He smiled and leaned up to kiss Harvey gently. Harvey returned it, soft and slow, just enjoying the feeling of Mike against him and the knowledge of finally starting a new chapter. It wasn’t until now that he fully appreciated how cathartic it would feel to say goodbye to his apartment.

He ran his hands down Mike’s back and slid them beneath his tshirt. Mike’s hand clenched in the material against his chest and he arched down against him. He felt Mike’s fingers on his neck, moving to brush across his collar bones and rest there. 

They stayed like that, trade soft kisses and softer touches til one or the other of them fell asleep as the stress of the day crept in and lulled them under. The was plenty of time for everything else in the days and years to come. 

Anonymous asked: "Love your blog, do you have a Twitter? Because I want to follow if you do. :)"

I do have a twitter. I occasionally live tweet Suits episodes but for the most part I tweet about comics, art, the cast of The Hobbit, why my local mall feels like conquering uncharted territory, and some random retweets here and there. If you’re cool with that, my twitter name is heykimbers .

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mike ross season 1


mike ross season 1

Harvey/Mike & Mike and Harvey are about to have another argument when harvey notices how mike got beaten up again - for zombiedetectives


Harvey walks into Sidwell Investment Group, entirely bypassing reception and heading straight to Mike’s office. He’s fuming. Mike got one up on him, yet again, and he’s had enough. They need to end this, now. If Mike doesn’t give up then Harvey will have no choice but to take him down, and at this point, he won’t hesitate.

"Mike’s not available," Amy says when she sees him approaching.

"It’s cute that you think I care," Harvey tells her as he bursts into Mike’s office. "Okay, Mike, we need to settle this now. I’m willing to offer-"

Harvey stops abruptly when Mike looks up at him from his desk. He looks pale, drawn, and there is a particularly dark shadow around his left eye. Harvey steps closer - the office is dark, he could be mistaken - but when he gets closer he realises it’s true, Mike has a black eye and a cut lip.

"What happened to you?" Harvey asks, urgently.

"Nothing," Mike says. "I’m fine."

Harvey just rolls his eyes. “Mike, I have two eyes, you’re not fine.”

"Please, just let it go," Mike asks, collapsing back into his chair.

"When have you ever known me to let something go?" Harvey counters.

"Why do you even care?" Mike exclaims, standing from the desk and heading over to the windows. "You’re here to beat me to the ground, metaphorically speaking. Why do you care if someone got to me in the literal sense?"

Harvey sighs. He fucking hates everything right now. This isn’t how their lives should be. All too recently they were on the same side, doing anything and everything they could to help and defend each other. And now Mike thinks that Harvey won’t even care that he was attacked.

Harvey wants a goddamn do-over.

He joins Mike by the window. The view isn’t as nice as the one from his own office, but it’s not bad.

"Mike, I know this case fucked us up. And I’m sorry about that. But if you don’t know that beneath all the bullshit and anger that I still care about you then I don’t know what to tell you."

"I do still know it," Mike immediately replies. He turns to Harvey then. "That’s what makes it so bad. We’re so good at hurting each other because we care about each other so much.”

Harvey doesn’t know what to say to that. What can he say? It’s the truth, no point denying it. But that doesn’t change anything. “I don’t know how to fix this,” Harvey admits.

"Me neither."

Harvey takes a step closer, lifting his hand to Mike’s cheek. Mike remains still until Harvey’s fingertips make contact with his skin, and he flinches from the pain.

"Whoever did this, I could make them pay."

Mike smiles faintly. “I know.”

Harvey drops his hand and leaves the office without a word. When he gets back to Peason Specter he tells Jessica that she needs to take over the case. When she asks why, he says, “Because some things are more important than winning.”